7000 sqft
8 Weeks
A flagship showroom in the heart of Manchester City Centre, delivered in just eight weeks. This latest addition puts Manchester firmly on the map for commercial furniture sales.

Manchester, a city known for its industrial heritage and innovation, recently witnessed the transformation of a flagship building, Chancery Place to become the home of Flokk's new northern headquarters. This case study explores how Flokk, a leading provider of high-quality workplace solutions, created a cutting-edge and sustainable workspace that reflects their commitment to design excellence and employee wellbeing.

The Objectives

Working with the Flokk team, we aimed to establish a state-of-the-art city centre headquarters that accurately reflected Flokk's brand identity and values. The brief was to design a multi-functional and inspiring space that not only satisfied the core function of a regional office but was equally competent as a showroom, a social hub, and an events space.

The intended use ranged from hosting board meetings to hosting large scale networking seminars. Sustainability, wellbeing, and inclusive design all had to be considered thoroughly. Quality had to be at the forefront of our proposal – this is a high-profile building, with a high profile end-user, attracting high profile industry professionals on a daily basis. The finished product had to stand up to scrutiny.

The Result

The Flokk Headquarters in Manchester has set a new standard for innovative and sustainable office design and construction. It serves as an inspirational workspace that showcases the potential of Flokk's products and workplace solutions.

Employees have commented on improved enthusiasm and productivity since moving into the new headquarters. The thoughtfully designed spaces, ergonomic furniture, and natural elements have contributed to a healthier and more engaged workforce. Flokk's commitment to sustainability is evident in the headquarters' design and certifications. It has become a benchmark for environmentally responsible office spaces in Manchester. The headquarters has received welcome attention from the design and business communities in Manchester, earning accolades for its forward-thinking design and sustainability initiatives.

You certainly brought the WOW factor to our space. The ICON team made it an experience I will never forget, for all the right reasons.
Director, Flokk

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