Laboratory Fit Out

ICON provides a single point of contact for your bespoke laboratory Fit Out, from design concept right through to completion. 

We’re passionate about perfection so, whether you’re looking to Fit Out a small purpose-built research lab, transform a commercial site into a high-specification facility or upgrade and update your existing site, you can rest assured we’ll deliver the right purpose-driven space for you to invent, discover and experiment.
We understand that laboratory Fit Out projects may differ depending on the type of work that will be carried out there. We’re thoroughly committed to delivering the optimum workplace environment, no matter what the science involved. We believe in a customer-centric approach, so our specialised team will work closely with you every step of the way, getting to know your organisation and gaining an understanding of how your scientists and researchers will be using the space, before providing timescales and project costs. We will then supply you with a detailed design plan and project manage the entire Fit Out, making sure to keep you informed at every stage.

Rigorous quality checks will be carried out before handover to ensure that the finished project meets with our high standards.

ICON recognises that laboratory Fit Outs refer to the design and construction of laboratory spaces to meet specific research and testing requirements. The type of Fit Out required depends on the nature of the work being conducted in the laboratory and the safety and environmental considerations associated with it. One common classification of laboratory Fit Outs is: CL1, CL2, CL3.

Services We Offer

CL1 laboratories are typically associated with low risk research and testing.

Typical CL1 labs have basic Fit Out considerations relating to ventilation, electrical, access control and security, safety, PPE and waste disposal.

ICON will review and evaluate the brief and provide a design proposal to meet your specific research and testing requirements.

CL2 laboratories are designed to work with moderate risk agents that pose a potential hazard to laboratory personnel and the environment.

Typical CL2 labs have Fit Out requirements that include:

  • Controlled access for unauthorised personnel
  • Efficient lab layout to create efficient workflow & separation of work areas
  • Specialised ventilation which may include negative pressure, HEPA filtration and exhaust systems which may include fume cupboards and vented cabinets.
  • Decontamination and specialist waste disposal

CL3 laboratories have a higher level of containment in comparison to CL1/CL2 and are designed for research and testing activities involving indigenous or exotic agents that may cause serious or potential lethal diseases when inhaled.

Typical CL3 labs have Fit Out requirements in addition to CL2 that include:

  • Heavily restricted access control measures
  • Lab layout design with strict segregation to work areas
  • Biological safety cabinets
  • Airlocks
  • Full body protective personal equipment

CL3 compliance is essential to protect the health and safety of laboratory personnel.

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Multi-sector projects from £50k to £5m.


Efficient layout design, modular furniture, and well-planned storage solutions can help maximise space when designing a new laboratory.

Yes, it's possible to repurpose an existing space for a laboratory Fit Out, but it may require modifications to meet safety and functionality requirements. Consulting with our in-house experts in laboratory design is crucial when repurposing existing spaces.

The cost of a laboratory Fit Out depends on factors such as the size of the space, the type of research or testing being conducted, the quality of equipment and materials used, and any necessary regulatory compliance. Labour costs, equipment costs, and construction costs are the primary components.

Yes, there are often grant opportunities and funding sources available for laboratory Fit Out projects, especially for research institutions and academic laboratories. Explore government grants, private foundations, and industry-specific funding options.

Energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and equipment are essential for optimising energy efficiency. Additionally, ensuring that equipment is properly calibrated and maintained can contribute to energy savings.

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