Levi's Haus

Mixed Use
12000 sqft
10 Weeks
We worked with Levi's to complete the transformation of an iconic building on Great Marlborough Street into its headquarters over multiple floors.

Great Marlborough Street, located in the heart of London's Soho district, has long been associated with creativity and fashion innovation. Recently, we worked with Levi's to complete the transformation of an iconic building in Carnaby into its headquarters over multiple floors, with a focus centred on circularity. This case study explores how we redefined workspace design, blending heritage with modernity while establishing a vibrant and sustainable hub for its teams, customers, and supply chain.

The Objectives

Given the nature of the Levi’s Haus mission to extend the life of their denim, our priorities from the outset had to be sustainability, longevity, and circularity. This project had to embody Levi’s commitment to Repair, Reimagine, Recycle, Re-use. This presented a unique set of challenges for the design and build team. The space would not only attract consumers in the traditional retail sense, but also served as a tailor, a recycling centre, an events space, and an office. A fine balance had to be honed between establishing a headquarters that stands out as an architectural and cultural landmark in Soho, without jeopardising the environmental and sustainability targets of the project and its life cycle. We also couldn’t forget the complications of managing construction in such a historic area with limited space and stringent local regulations.

The Result

Our core values were perfectly aligned with the Levi’s team and their vision for sustainable design elements, circular economy, and environmental responsibility. The result has been a study in sustainability. Levi's Haus stands as a testament to blending heritage with sustainable design and construction.

It provides the Levi’s team with an inspiring and dynamic workplace that reflects the brand's iconic denim legacy and its ongoing commitment to the environment. Our journey was complex from the outset. Planning of the specification was critical, with a key focus on recycled and reclaimed materials, all with low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Our state-of-the-art project management software helped us to track environmental performance, as well as quality control and the general flow of information.

I know I can come to you with problems and leave with solutions.
Creative Director, Levi's

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