Magnet Fulham

Luxury Retail
4000 sqft
9 Weeks
ICON and Magnet Ltd's collaboration transformed a derelict space into a stunning Fulham Showroom for Magnet's new product-lines in just 9 weeks.

Fulham, a vibrant and trendy neighbourhood in London, has always been a hub for style and innovation. In the heart of Fulham, a remarkable transformation took place when ICON and Magnet came together to open a stunning new showroom. This case study explores how we turned an unloved, derelict space into a captivating and functional kitchen showroom that has become a design inspiration for homeowners in Fulham and beyond.

The Objectives

The brief was to create a luxuriously modern, inviting, and innovative showroom that would put Magnet’s latest range in the spotlight. A premium Fit Out for a premium product was the brief. Refurbishment of an old, derelict building presented us with complications, as did the logistical challenges of city centre working.

Thought had to be given to our teams, our neighbours and the general public to ensure we operated safely and sustainably from start to finish, with minimal disruption. Knowing that old buildings often uncover added complexity, our detailed and deliberate contingency planning was crucial to the success of the project and the achievement of the original launch date.

The Result

We achieved a modern and inviting showroom by designing an open and spacious layout where the kitchens are the star of the show. An open kitchen concept was integrated into the design, allowing customers to experience the functionality of the products first hand.

There was innovation through cutting-edge technology through the design, build, and occupation phases. The result for Magnet has been dramatically increased footfall compared to their old Fulham branch, improved sales, enhanced customer experience, and extremely positive feedback. The impact to their brand has been something they have asked us to emulate at other locations and our relationship continues to go from strength to strength.

The Magnet showroom in Fulham stands as a testament to our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This showroom showcases the potential of modern design and its ability to transform derelict spaces into true works of art.

Your team has raised the bar. Can't wait to get you started on the next one.
Project Manager, Magnet

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