Mixed Use
1000 sqft
5 Weeks
We worked with leading Manchester based designers Incognito and the creative team at Solus to design and build a functional and stunning interior worthy of the buildings history and architecture.

Welcome to our case study showcasing the 2024 transformation of the Old Law Library on Kennedy Street, Manchester, into a sophisticated showroom and headquarters for Solus, a premier supplier of high-end ceramic products. This project not only celebrates the architectural significance of the building but also demonstrates our commitment to seamlessly merging heritage with modern design aesthetics. Explore how our innovative approach revitalised this landmark space, offering Solus a prestigious platform to showcase their products and elevate their brand presence.

The Objectives

Working collaboratively with leading Manchester based designers Incognito and the creative team at Solus, our objective was to design and build an interior that was not only functional, but absolutely worthy of the buildings stunning history and architecture. The Old Law Library in Manchester occupies prime position on Kennedy Street, with its imposing façade which commands respect and admiration from any passers-by.

Steeped in history, our alterations had to be considerate to the period features which were to serve as an accent to the Solus product. The showroom had to be the star of the show by matching the impressive stature of the building itself. Serving as a showroom, a headquarters, and an entertainment space, there was a balance to be found for maximum flexibility of the space to serve each function perfectly.

Key challenges to the build were its city centre location with access restrictions and the age of the building itself.

The Result

The pictures speak for themselves. The whole space screams detail from the moment the door opens. To quote the Incognito design team, it's rare that the finished space looks perfectly like the initial CGI imagery and yet in this case, it did just that. That is testament to the level of detail the ICON team went into during design team meetings and supply chain engagement.

The bespoke joinery is a stand-out here and has to be seen to be believed. Every item is custom built and painstakingly detailed and co-ordinated between trades. The lighting is also incredibly sophisticated - fully programmable via iPad, it adds unique functionality when the space is in its showroom, HQ, or entertainment arrangement.

The Grade II* listed status of the building meant that this was a sensitive fit out, requiring a high degree of skill, accuracy, and attentiveness. ICON have been amazing to work with and have brought the outstanding design from Incognito and Artin Light to life.
Sam Frith, Creative Director

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